Ship tracking? Easy.

ShipView™ is an easy-to-use ship tracking web application that leverages Spire Maritime’s global AIS data


Live track all AIS-enabled vessels

  • Combine Satellite and Terrestrial AIS
  • Get access to the vessel's position, current voyage status, reported destination and announced ETA, and more
  • Segment vessels by type, subtype, cargo, and more
  • Obtain vessel characteristics information, from capacity and size, to ownership and build information
  • View high quality vessel photos
  • Download & save data

Historical vessel positions

  • Display specific vessel positions, routes and associated AIS data
  • Multi-year lookback possibility
  • Adapt date and time to your specific needs with date/time range transformation
  • Get integrated timestamps on historical track layers for easy analysis
  • Download & save data

Search ships by a variety of fields

  • Lookup vessels by name, IMO, MMSI, call sign, flag...
  • Obtain historical information for vessels after flag, MMSI or IMO changes
  • Layer multiple vessels simultaneously on a map based on live or historical data

View and filter global vessel views

  • View live global vessel maps and detect patterns and anomalies
  • Color-code vessels by a variety of data - vessel type, speed, data source and more
  • Target vessels geographically by customized boundaries or inside specific EEZs
  • Build and combine complex filters by data type rules
  • Import/export filter sets

Extend using 3rd party data

  • Add a variety of intercompatible 3rd party layers
  • Import Spire Weather layers, ideal to combine AIS data with live and historical weather forecast
  • Load any OGC-compliant WMS service, Esri maps or Tiled Map Services

Get alerted on what matters

  • Set-up alerts on specific fields, vessel statuses, positions and more
  • Target specific vessels or vessel types
  • Geo-target areas of interest
  • Get alerted by email or internal ShipView alerts