Easy to Use Ship Tracker App

ShipView™ is an easy-to-use ship tracker app
that leverages Spire Maritime’s global AIS data

Core features of our ship tracker app


Track ships live: all AIS-enabled vessels

  • Combine Satellite AIS and Terrestrial AIS data
  • Get access to the vessel's position, current voyage status, reported destination and announced ETA, and more
  • Segment vessels by type, subtype, cargo, and more
  • Obtain vessel characteristics information, from capacity and size, to ownership and build information
  • View high quality vessel photos
  • Download & save data

Historical position ship tracking

  • Display specific vessel positions, routes and associated historical AIS data
  • Multi-year lookback possibility
  • Adapt date and time to your specific needs with date/time range transformation
  • Get integrated timestamps on historical track layers for easy analysis
  • Download & save data

Vessel tracking by name & other fields

  • Vessel tracking by name, IMO, MMSI, call sign, flag...
  • Obtain historical information for vessels after flag, MMSI or IMO changes
  • Layer multiple vessels simultaneously on a map based on live or historical data

View and filter: global ship tracker

  • View live global vessel maps and detect patterns and anomalies
  • Color-code vessels by a variety of data - vessel type, speed, data source and more
  • Target vessels geographically by customized boundaries or inside specific EEZs
  • Build and combine complex filters by data type rules
  • Import/export filter sets with our global ship tracker

Extend your maritime app using 3rd party data

  • Add a variety of intercompatible 3rd party layers to your maritime app
  • Import Spire Weather layers, ideal to combine AIS data with live and historical weather forecast
  • Load any OGC-compliant WMS service, Esri maps or Tiled Map Services

Alerts for easy ship tracking

  • Set-up alerts on specific fields, vessel statuses, positions and more
  • Target specific vessels or vessel types for easy ship tracking
  • Geo-target areas of interest
  • Get alerted by email or internal ShipView alerts

Full list of our ShipView™ ship tracking app features


Discover the different features of our state of the art ship tracking app; track a ship, a fleet or apply your own filters.

Data access

ShipView combines satellite and terrestrial AIS data for a comprehensive global view of the shipping. ShipView allows users to plot and visualize the latest vessel positions, view essential information - including speed and course - and gain access to three years of historical track data for each ship within ShipView. Access to this data improves the tracking and monitoring of ship activities worldwide by providing dynamic and up-to-date information from the world’s most comprehensive satellite AIS service.

Web-based interface to track a ship

ShipView users have access to the web ship app anywhere and on most devices, from desktop to mobile, giving them the flexibility to work where and when they need to.

There is no need for setup or an in-house application as a web-based application; Spire Maritime hosts the entire platform and all data on our tracking website.

Ship search

Individual ship search can be done through single line query by name, IMO number, Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI), Call Sign, Flag, or destination.

This simplified search process helps find ships of interest easily and quickly.

Find a ship through filtering

Users can add, edit or delete rules and groups based on any vessel attribute available, such as vessel type, speed, or flag, to filter global ship traffic and find a ship that matches your specific criteria.

Users can import or export filters as needed, making operational decisions quickly by creating more targeted analysis and research.

Download & Save Data

Users can quickly analyze reviews or report on ship information while offline. Datasets of ship information, in standard formats, can promptly be downloaded for either all ships globally or ships within a current view.

Custom areas, polygons & geofencing

ShipView™ users can draw, import and manage their own polygons of interest, then filter vessels inside these areas. This feature can be coupled with the alerting functionality, enabling geo-fencing alerts when any ships leave or enter the user's bookmarked areas, or with the download & save data, for extracting ship lists inside those polygons.

Alerts for tracking ships

With the ShipView alerting feature, users have more flexibility for monitoring and tracking ships or areas of interest within any maritime domain. Users can set up filters based on specific rules or groups for ship behaviours. Automatic alerts can be triggered to deliver the targeted information directly via email or within the alerts panel in ShipView.

Spire Weather layers

Spire Weather WMS layers are available in ShipView™ and can be added to your views. Combine weather layers with AIS for a more complete view of the maritime domain; choose between 14 weather variables in the measuring unit of your choice and in a style that fits with the underlying maps and other layers in your view.

OGC or Esri External Map Layers

ShipView™ was designed for interoperability, allowing users to load any Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web map service, Esri map and Feature, or Tiled Map Service as a map layer or base map. With access to these services, users can gain contextual insight to make more informed decisions by incorporating maritime-specific information such as wave height, ice coverage, weather and other data sets.

Who is the ShipView™ maritime app useful for?


ShipView is the perfect solution for anyone looking to track a vessel or fleet, as well as understanding their behavior historically. If you are looking for a vessel or boat tracker app that is fully hosted and ready to use, ShipView™ is perfect for you.

Fisheries Management

Track and monitor fishing vessels activities in areas of interest, or globally.

Fishing Activity Regulation

Analyze fishing vessel tracks. Coupled with species-specific fishing licenses and catch reports, estimate the amount of a given fish in an area, the amount taken by fishing vessels, and project overfishing.


Identify and act against illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing (IUU), and overfishing. Add Spire or custom polygons (zones marking a specific area of interest) to understand fishing effort and increase transparency for vessel activity in regulated areas.


Study the impacts of fishing, identify vulnerable fishing areas, and evaluate the effectiveness of conservation and fisheries policies.

NGO Research

Identify and investigate suspicious vessels, and advocate for stronger protections across important ecosystems.