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Easy to use vessel tracking data

Vessel tracking data for your platform or application

Spire Maritime provides data directly to your applications, enabling you to build your own analytics and insight solutions. Our data is provided via practical and easy-to-use APIs, which are fully supported by our team of experts.

Get started today with AIS vessel tracking data that's easy to integrate into your application:

query {



"data": {
  "vessels": {
    "nodes": {
        "destination": "QINGDAO",
        "draught": 7,
        "eta": "2021-09-18T15:00:00.000Z"
        "latitude": 28.302678333333333,
        "longitude": 122.86353833333332
        "name": "EVER GIVEN",
        "shipType": "CONTAINER",
        "callsign": "HR3C"

Spire Maritime data powers your maritime industry applications

A developer-centric API

Our data is ideal for building applications, dashboards, and full-feature maritime platforms

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Clean, smart data - more value than raw AIS

Our data allows you to focus more on building industry-leading applications, and less on cleaning or optimizing data.

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Ask for what you need and get it

Our APIs allow you to query for the subsegments of data that you need, which reduces data processing and costs on your side.

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