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Industry Leading ADS-B Data

  • Track your flights easily, no matter how remote the region with our Advanced nano-satellites with ADS‑B receivers.
  • Plug n Play with our ready-made APIs and easy data queries for seamless integration, better modeling & efficient workflows.
  • Drive improved monitoring and operations with over 150,000 observed flights per day.
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Our ADS-B Satellite Data At Work


Aviation International News (AIN) asked Spire to track changes in flight patterns at at seven major international airports around the world during the global pandemic. See how global ADS-B data can improve monitoring, risk mitigation, and operations profitability.

Global aviation metrics

Global Data At Your Fingertips

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Plug and play data via our easy-to-use APIs gives you the global aviation metrics you need to fuel your models, optimize operations, and drive profitability.

Customer testimonial

"Satavia uses aircraft tracking data from Spire Aviation to enable live and historical analysis of aircraft movements."

Adam Durant, PhD
CEO, Satavia

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