Introducing Spire Analytics

Your one-stop-shop for ship monitoring and analytics

Spire Analytics enables real-time responses to changing patterns and automates decision-making for better outcomes and tighter monitoring of strategy, revenue, and operations. You can set up alerts based on events and evaluate data at a glance on a configurable dashboard. Identifying patterns and aggregations just got a whole lot easier.

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Maritime Analytics

Spire Analytics activates your AIS and Maritime data, providing turnkey insights

Vessel events by ship type

Personalize your view

Custom data filtering for a business case. Set up alerts based on events, and even schedule reports


Visualize your most valuable insights

Evaluate data at a glance with configurable dashboards to identify patterns and aggregations

Total port events (past 7 days)

Track the events that matter to you

Make business decisions and identify patterns with data and analytics. Filter and drill down to very granular levels to see root causes and anomalies


Build customized solutions

Interact with large volumes of Maritime data, filter, and derive insights to create custom solutions and predict outcomes

Active vessels (past 7 days)