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Space-based ADS-B data to digitize airport services and operations

Real-time data and analytics for airport management, demand assessment, ground handlers and more.
  • Leverage real-time air traffic data for on-time performance analytics and capacity assessment.
  • Flight alerts and delay information to better anticipate passenger load and plan ground handling services
  • Unlock revenue, reduce risks and save costs with a centralized flight data source

Unmatched airport insights with the unique combination of space and ground based ADS-B data

Gather insights even for
remote airports around the world
36X more enhanced surface positions
data to gain insights for airport management
Schedules and historic flight data
for regional airport planning

Global data coverage for airports,
airlines and solution providers

  • 150,000+ flights
    observed per day
  • Data and analytics to forecast demand, optimize gate schedules and enable digital transformation
  • Real-time flight status, routes and historic air traffic information to improve operations performance