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This demo allows you to preview our trusted open ocean weather forecasts alongside real time vessel positions

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Highly reliable
up to 10-day
Maritime Weather forecast

Enhanced Vessel

Contextual in-map
WMS layers*
*Premium feature


What is the purpose of this tool?

Spire Maritime’s Weather explorer ingests Spire’s Vessel and Weather APIs to give you hands on experience with live data. This tool aims to visualize how our data services can be used for route optimization and vessel performance and offers a simpler way to experiment with GRIB2 data.

Which Spire services are available in the tool?

  • Spire Point Forecast API: We extract an up to 10-day high frequency forecast for a wide number of weather variables anywhere in the globe

  • Spire WMS (Weather Map Service): The global map is layered for contextual weather information that integrates seamlessly with your applications

  • Vessels API: Our vessel specifics come from our Enhanced Vessel data. As a feature in the Vessels API, this is a crucial data source for optimizing vessel performance, route planning, and commercial port operations.

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Some additional features in our tool can be unlocked after a consultation with one of our Maritime Weather experts.

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