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Webinar replay
Combining technologies to uncover and mitigate vessel spoofing-related risks

Watch the webinar replay and gain insights into the issues of Deceptive Shipping Practices and vessel spoofing and how to tackle them using innovative technologies. A webinar by Spire Maritime, in partnership with Windward and Planet.

  • Risks from Deceptive Shipping Practices and vessel spoofing.
  • How to tackle those risks with advanced solutions.
  • Why the combined AIS Position Validation, Maritime AI, and satellite imagery solutions are game changers in the fight against Deceptive Shipping Practices.

Watch the replay now:


  • Matt Morgan
    Marek Poetzsch
    Senior Project Manager
    Spire Maritime
  • Greg Katz
    Nadav Libhaber
    Director of Partnerships
  • Marc Bernabeu Peña
    Senior Customer Success Manager