ShipView™ interface walkaround

Main user interface and Layers Panel

main user and layers panel interface screenshot
  1. Search: Search for ships by name, MMSI, IMO, Call Sign, Country, Destination, or Flag MID
  2. Bookmarks: Create bookmarks that zoom to map positions you frequently monitor
  3. Measure: Measure bearings, distances, areas, or circles in the unit of choice
  4. Gazetteer: Pre-defined common sea areas to quickly navigate the map
  5. Grid: Shows a graticule overlay on the map with major latitude and longitude lines
  6. Draw/Manage Polygon: Find ships by area, and create and manage areas of interest (polygons)
  7. Home View: Create a default view location
  8. Preferences: Apply settings such as measurement units and historical look back duration
  9. New Layers: Add a new layer using either exactEarth Ships, OGC WMS or Esri ArcGIS services
  10. Show/Hide Panel: Collapse or expand panel to maximise map view
  11. Layer Configuration: Shows ship counts and layer name and tools to edit and delete layers
  12. Rules and Groups: Add, edit, or delete rules and groups to filter ships by attributes
  13. Show/Hide Legend: Display legend for exactEarth Ships or any WMS map layers
  14. Ship List: View or Download ships by either “All Ships” or “Ships in View”
  15. Track Timeline: Alter exactEarth Ships track time ranges
  16. Track Playback Toolkit: Expand Track Playback Toolkit to enable step by step historical vessel track playback

Vessel Information Panel

vessel information panel interface screenshot
  1. Options: Clear the current ship from the map, download tracks or history, or create a new track layer
  2. Vessel Information: Shows all vessel information for the selected vessel from the map
  3. Ship Image: Where available, a ship image is displayed for the selected vessel, clicking on the image will enlarge the photo
  4. More Vessel Information: Shows additional vessel information, where available. E.g. Builder, Owner, Insurer, Year Built
  5. Age of Vessel Position: The relative age of the most recent position message (ranges from 1 second to 23 hours and 59 minutes, after which is >1 day)

Basemap Panel

basemap panel interface screenshot
  1. Add Basemap: Add one of the pre-defined basemaps or add your own basemaps either OGC WMS, Tiled/XYZ, or Esri ArcGIS services.

Alerts Panel

alerts panel interface screenshot
  1. Alert Tools: For subscribers, delete all currently displayed alerts, clear any on map alert icons, and refresh the alerts list
  2. Alert Rules/Filters: Add rules to filter alerts list including by layer, type, and date/range
  3. Alerts List: For subscribers, displays any available alerts based on the alert rules/filters