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Maritime Data Analytics APIs

Vessel tracking data for your analytics platform or application

Spire's maritime data APIs provides data directly to your applications, enabling you to build your own analytics and insights solutions. Data is provided via practical and easy-to-use APIs. Our data enables real-time responses to changing patterns and can help automate decision-making for better outcomes and tighter monitoring of strategy, revenue, and operations.

Get started with Maritime data:

Maritime Analytics

Maritime Analytics AIS data helps you derive insights that impact your operations

Vessel events by ship type

Develop custom visualizations

Select the Maritime data you need to help you solve your business challenges

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Visualize your most valuable insights

Use our data on your application's dashboards to identify patterns and aggregations

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Total port events (past 7 days)

Track the events that matter most to you

Make business decisions and identify patterns using our Maritime data - filter and drill down to very granular levels to see root causes and anomalies

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Our data fuels your analytic solutions

Interact with large volumes of Maritime data, filter, and develop your own insights to create custom solutions and predict outcomes

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Active vessels (past 7 days)