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How to make the most of your Spire meeting

The following checklist will help you prepare your meeting with our experts. The more information you can prepare beforehand, the easier it will be for us to curate perfect solutions for your maritime data needs.

  • Do you have an allocated or estimated budget for your maritime data needs?
  • What are your priorities regarding AIS data purchase?
  • Do you already have an AIS data provider? How much do you currently pay for your service?
  • What challenges are you currently encountering with your AIS data provider?
  • Who is in charge of the financial decisions related to maritime data products purchase at your company?
  • Who in your team would be using this solution? What are their expectations?
  • Do you need us to provide custom solutions or analytics?
  • Are there any known obstacles?
  • When will you need access to the data?
  • Are there geographical or legal limitations regarding your request?

The Spire data buying process

Initial meeting
Discuss your use case
Commercial offer
Data experience*
*if needed
"Spire is an ideal partner for us because they are innovative and nimble, and focused on leading edge technology"

Paul Woods, Chief Technology Officer - Global Fishing Watch

Paul Woods, Chief Technology Officer - Global Fishing Watch

What do you think about our maritime data?

Download this AIS data sample and let's get the conversation started.

24-Hour Vessel Positions

Our Vessels API extracted this sample of global positions reported over a 24-hour period.